Saturday, November 15, 2014

Signs you might be doing NaNoWriMo

So I've seen a lot of lists like this and most of them are pretty accurate, but there are a few good ones they seem to miss.

1.  You have actually fallen asleep at the keyboard.
2.  You attend tailgate parties long enough to grab food and say hello.
3.  The first question friends and family ask when they see you is "Have you gotten your chapter count for today?"
4.  The family has come to accept the "writing nest" you've set up in that one spot on the sofa.
5.  90% of your social media posts are #NaNoWriMo or asking for plot/name/word advice.

All of my friends and family have been extremely supportive over the last 15 days.  As NaNo reached the half way mark my word count passed 30k.

Today's word count

Tomorrow I'll be writing a brand new chapter 28...including that I've got 5 chapters left to edit and 3 new ones to write.  NaNoWriMo "winning" starts on the 20th.  Think I can write/edit 8 chapters in 5 days and finish early?  We'll see.

In other news, someone on the artisans boards made me this beautiful signature.  I definitely like this as a visual representation for my book.


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