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Time for an update

It's been a little while since I posted and I thought it was time to do a little update.

As is expected in your first batch of queries, I have receive many rejections. I won't say how many...but I will say that I'm not at all sad or upset about it. It is part of the process and all of the agents have been super nice. Some have actually offered suggestions on how to fix things.

I even received a full request, but was later rejected due to pacing problems. For someone this early in the game, that is amazing.

So here is what is up for me...In the coming weeks I will be receiving my MS back from my new editor, the wonderful Tiffany Hofmann aka Khaleesi. I will spend the next few months doing a line by line overhaul on the whole thing.

Once that is done, probably around the new year, I will send off my second batch of queries.

In November, for the first time, start a fresh MS for NaNoWriMo. This will be something totally new to me. The MS is new adult, amateur sleuth, murder my…


Rejection is part of the creative process, any author/artist/creator will tell you that. Does its commonality make it easier? No. Many great people faced rejection before success. 12 publishers rejected JK Rowling. Stephen King's Carrie was rejected 30 times. Beatrix Potter had to self publish. Do these facts make rejection easier? Nope.

Today I officially received my first rejection. I will admit, I cried and was sick. Its hard to hear that someone isn't interested in your work. Its not just something you whipped together in a matter of hours and plopped down for the world to see. Its years of hard work, scarified free time and social life, and deep soul searching. Its not an easy to thing to let someone see it. Its the most vulnerable I've ever been in my life.

All that being said, I have to say that my first rejection was probably one of the most kind rejections anyone has ever received.  The agent didn't say it wasn't good, or even that it was flawed. She simpl…