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Nose to the grindstone.

Today began full on revision mode.  My wonderful editor, Taryn, recommended I do a slimmed down version of a shrunken manuscript.  In a normal shrunken manuscript you would resize your whole manuscript to fit on approximately 30 printed pages, then mark up the passages with a color coded key.  Each color representing a different aspect of your storyline.  This shows you where there arch of your story is going and the over all strength and weaknesses of the manuscript.

 The way Taryn recommend I do it, is to condense each scene into one sentence and put that on a post  it.  I printed out my manuscript.

I decided to keep the color coding idea.  So I am going through my manuscript and making the scenes in their colors. (Green = setting/world, Purple/pink = character development of main character,  Orange = building of love interest, and Blue = main protagonist activity.)  

Tonight I tackled the first chapter and ended up with this.

From now on my goal will be mapping out three chapters e…