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And now for something completely different

Ok, so this is not related to my publishing journey, but this is pretty awesome all the same.

A few months ago Charlaine Harris began taking questions to be answered in the paperback edition of the final Sookie Stackhouse novel, Dead Ever After.  I figured what the heck, I've got questions, I'll submit them.  To my surprise I receive an email that 3 of my questions have been selected and will be published.

Today I purchased that book and got to see this.

Okay, so it is in someone else's book, but come on!  You have to admit that is freaking cool.  How many people get to say that?
It looks pretty good on the page, if I do say so myself.  Hopefully the next time I see it, it will be on the title page of my own novel debut novel. :) 

The first step into the great unknown

So writing the book was a huge step, but the next step has to happen if anything is to come of it.  In my case, the first step is both exciting and frightening.  That step is letting someone who is neither friend, nor family (thought sort of a friend and I see her becoming more so) read and give input on my baby.

For over 10 years this story has lived inside me.  It is part of me.  It is a huge chunk of my life to this point.  To allow someone who knows so little about me to see it, examine it, and critique makes me feel extremely vulnerable.  At the same time this is an opportunity for some truth.  Up to now I have had no way of knowing if the opinions I'm getting are truth or lip service.  Do they like my work, or do they just love my so much they think they do? goes.  April 11th Stone of Virtue: Book One in the Fairies of Erdavol will be in the hands of Freelance Editor Taryn Albright and her famous green pen.  She will be giving me a reader report, which should give …