Monday, April 7, 2014

Emails, and freak outs, and swords! Oh my!

So I was supposed to send my manuscript to the editor April 11th.  Today I received a surprise email, she had finished a project and could take my MS early.

Yep, I totally freaked out.  You can ask my co-workers.  "Is my face red?  I feel like my face is red.  Oh god, I'm not supposed to be this scared am I?  That can't be normal.  Oh god."

I was so excited, so scared, so nervous, all at once.  It is amazing that one person can feel some many emotions together.  I don't know anything to compare it to.

So, I came home, gave it a once over, made sure the format was correct to Taryn's specifications, and then I did the scariest thing I've done in my writing career.  I sent my MS, my 10 year journey, my 4 month old baby, to an almost complete stranger.

Taryn said she should be done by this weekend, but life happens so it may be longer.  Until then I am supposed to stay occupied.  Shouldn't be hard as I have a stack of new books to read, a wedding to get ready for, and a new sword to play with.

That being said, for the rest of this week, or until I hear from Taryn, please try and keep me occupied.  

PS.  I was totally serious when I said I had a sword.  I bought this today.  

Why did I buy a sword, you ask?  The simplest answer is because I've always wanted one.  I was able to justify the purchase to my self by saying that for writing book two I need to understand what it feels like to hold and use a sword.  It's research...not dorky.  Okay, still dorky, but also research. :) 


Julie Ann Grasso said...

Cool sword bro! :) And.. AHhhhhhhhhh! :) Yay :)

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