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Wishin' and Hopin'

I sent my third draft to Taryn on April 16th.  After a couple big re-writes and a lot of little changes I am really confident with this draft.  It is amazing to see how the story has grown and changed over these three drafts.  My first draft was just barely over 52k and now I'm nearly at 60k.  I have developed characters to a level that I never could have expected.  

I've had a few people asking what's next.  Well, that depends.  If Taryn has more notes for me, then I will start to work on my fourth draft.  If Taryn says "Ok you've gotten this as good as it is going to get," then we begin working on my submission materials.  This is writing my query and making sure my first 10 pages sparkle.
I'm really excited to have come this far.  I've been working on this for so long that it's hard to believe I'm actually getting there.
So for now....we wait....and see what Taryn has to say.