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Returning to my first love.

Sorry guys...another random post, but still writing related.

Anyone who has known me for any considerable amount of time knows that I started my writing journey with fanfiction.  Yes, there were poems and funny little stories as a child, but my first serious writing was done whilst playing in other people's worlds.

Specifically I started with Lord of the Rings.  I wrote stories for my younger sister Amanda, putting her into the story.  Then I moved to Harry Potter, CSI, Criminal Minds, True Blood, and The Hunger Games.

Strangely, one of my favorite fandoms is one that I have never dared to venture into.  That is the world of Alagaesia and the writings of Christopher Paolini. I suppose I thought the world and story was perfect the way it was (not that Tolkien, Rowling, or Collins worlds are flawed) and didn't need my additional characters or lost moments.

Since I have gotten serious about finishing my own novel and dove head first into my own world, I have not had time to read or …