Monday, August 18, 2014

A blast from the past

I live in a small town, but it is amazing how long you can go without seeing someone.  A perfect example of this happened just last week.  I went to a local restaurant to pick up dinner for my family and ran into my high school librarian.

In high school I spent most of my spare time in the library, even working as a library aid, so it shouldn't have surprised me when, even after 11 years she still remembered me.

We talked for a moment and then she asked me about my book.  This was shocking because I don't even remember telling anyone in high school about it.  All the same, I filled her in on my progress and my plans.

She told me that she'd always believed I could do it and that she wanted me to promise her two things.  First, a signed copy when I become published. And Second, to come back to the school once I'm published to do a reading.

I don't know why this struck me so.  I mean I've had people tell me they want a signed copy before, so sure that I would publish one day.  It was the second request, I guess, to come back to my alma mater and read my work to students.  Its probably a common request, I'm sure a lot of writers have gone back to there high schools or colleges to show students just how far they could go.  I guess it was the idea that I was worth showing off that was so flattering.

I don't know...this post makes no sense I'm sure...and has nothing to do with writing or my publishing journey but it has stuck with me.