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Returning to my first love.

Sorry guys...another random post, but still writing related.

Anyone who has known me for any considerable amount of time knows that I started my writing journey with fanfiction.  Yes, there were poems and funny little stories as a child, but my first serious writing was done whilst playing in other people's worlds.

Specifically I started with Lord of the Rings.  I wrote stories for my younger sister Amanda, putting her into the story.  Then I moved to Harry Potter, CSI, Criminal Minds, True Blood, and The Hunger Games.

Strangely, one of my favorite fandoms is one that I have never dared to venture into.  That is the world of Alagaesia and the writings of Christopher Paolini. I suppose I thought the world and story was perfect the way it was (not that Tolkien, Rowling, or Collins worlds are flawed) and didn't need my additional characters or lost moments.

Since I have gotten serious about finishing my own novel and dove head first into my own world, I have not had time to read or write much fanfiction. But, recently an opportunity presented its self for me to combine my love for Paolini's Inheritance Series and my knowledge of fanfiction. I am now the Fanfiction Moderator for Shur'tugal, THE premier fan community for the Inheritance Series.

Worry not, dear readers, this will not take away from my duties as a writer or my commitment to my own work. I will not actually be writing the fiction, so much as helping to build the site and thing moderating the content on it. For now it is a fantastic opportunity and I am thrilled and flatter to have the chance.

Well, that's all for now...sorry for the randomness, but at least it was a post. :)


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A blast from the past

I live in a small town, but it is amazing how long you can go without seeing someone.  A perfect example of this happened just last week.  I went to a local restaurant to pick up dinner for my family and ran into my high school librarian.
In high school I spent most of my spare time in the library, even working as a library aid, so it shouldn't have surprised me when, even after 11 years she still remembered me.
We talked for a moment and then she asked me about my book.  This was shocking because I don't even remember telling anyone in high school about it.  All the same, I filled her in on my progress and my plans.
She told me that she'd always believed I could do it and that she wanted me to promise her two things.  First, a signed copy when I become published. And Second, to come back to the school once I'm published to do a reading.
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Over the last couple weeks I've been really tempted to make some changes that, in the end didn't make a lot of sense.  Thank goodness for some awesome advice and some support from my friends and family.
After sitting on it for a few days I may decide to rework the ending...I am happy with it right now, but someone recently told me that your brain can only make so many good choices in a day, so maybe I won't like it after I sleep on it.
Heck...maybe Taryn will be able to take it early and the decision will be out of my hands all totally. it is...25 minutes until midnight on November 30th and this is my final word count.

Thank you all for your continued support.  I'll keep you updated on what happens next.

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This is my second Reader Report from Taryn.  The last report prompted some major changes and a lot of work.  What did she have to say this time?  Well, I'm on the right track.  There are a few things that still need work, but the good news is the major changes I made the last go round worked well.  Basically there are things here and there that need to be improved and I need to work on my use of commas and periods, and dialog tags. (Confession: I suck at grammar.)  So at least one more pass is needed, but I'll have it done by February.

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